Steph Copeland

Film & Television Composer


The Drownsman Cast

FANTASIA 2014 in Montreal

Fantasia was very exciting this year for Steph Copeland. Her scores were featured in two feature films that both had world premieres at the film festival. The Drownsman, produced by Black Fawn Films and Breakthrough Entertainment, and directed by Chad Archibald premiered on August 2nd 2014. Ejecta, produced by Foresight Features and directed by Matt Weile premiered the following night on August 3rd 2014.
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Steph Copeland

Geek! Magazine Interview English Translation

The cover of antisocial zombies promises a bit mesentery and a woman with an ax in hand - exactly the right kind of relaxation for an evening after a long day. But antisocial also offers Steph Copeland. Copeland is a Canadian composer who has written the sound track to Antisocial.And this soundtrack it has in itself. It only takes a few bars and the viewer imagines himself in a John Carpenter film. A bit sounds by Tangerine Dream: Classic German electronics - in a Canadian horror movie of 2014? Steph Copeland is a name that should be remembered, especially by fans of classic horror movies. We have set out on the search for Steph Copeland and prayers were answered.
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